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Cognitive Hypnotherapy in East London

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy in East London, I help people to transform their lives. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a combined approach to hypnotherapy. It incorporates the most effective elements of a range of traditional and modern approaches. These include NLP, Gestalt, Evolutionary Psychology, CBT and Positive Psychology and neuroscience.

This approach gives us a powerful framework which allows us to personalise your treatment, and use the methods that will work best for you.

Using these techniques, I can help you to transform unhelpful emotions, experiences and beliefs, to create a more positive view of the world.

Lasting Results

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is different from traditional hypnosis. It is a more engaged, two way process. I will guide you to access your memories and imagination, and help you reframe negative beliefs about yourself, others and the world.

By including you more in the process of change, this creates a deeper and longer lasting effect. This means that not only can these changes be rapid, but that they are also more likely to stick.

Scientific Approach

Rooted in the latest research in neuroscience, Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be used to change the way your brain works.

We use light trance (similar to daydreaming or when you are lost in thought), as well as deeper trance states. This allows you to access memories and experiences related to your problem, in a way which helps to change how you feel about them.

This process causes the subconscious to create new responses to the problem, and react differently to situations. In this way, you are creating new neural pathways in the brain and literally rewiring the way your brain works.

Watch the video to find out more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy from the founder of this groundbreaking approach, Trevor Silvester.

You can find out more about the Quest Institute and their training here

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