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As a Quest trained therapist, I am part of  the only hypnotherapy organisation who have taken part in an evidence based research project which measured the success of our form of therapy against the effects of treatment users of other talk based therapies, such as CBT, within the NHS services. This research provided overwhelming evidence that Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy was far more effective, with 71% of those treated for anxiety and depression reporting full recovery after on average just 6 sessions, compared to 42% of those undergoing therapy, including CBT, through the NHS.

I am proud to call myself a Quest therapist and I am an active member of a wider collective of therapists, whose core philosophy is to "never stop growing, to face challenge with innovation and reach as many people as we can help as possible". I stand by this aim and I truly believe that this therapy is one of the most effective treatments available. Please click on the tab below to find out more about Quest, and this groundbreaking research project.


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