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My Story


Hi, I'm Rowenna, an East London Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and IEMT Therapist, and this is how I came to be offering Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London and online.

Like most people, I have faced my own struggles in life. Growing up surrounded by drug and alcohol abuse, I was aware of feeling "different" to my peers from a young age, and was bullied and taunted (especially when my family made the news after my father went to prison for drug dealing in the early 80s).

A sensitive child with undiagnosed dyslexia, I found school intimidating and unfriendly, and I had my first panic attack at the age of 7 after being dropped late to school (not an uncommon occurrence), after the summer holidays.


Anxious Child


As the years progressed and my anxiety worsened, I developed masks to hide my embarrassment and shame, such as rebelliousness and a hostile attitude, and began drinking and experimenting with drugs at an early age.

Having to cope with my father's suicide when I was 12 years old, I spiralled further out of control and eventually checked out of school, finding solace in the underground party scene in London. I felt a sense of belonging amid the other misfits of society in a way which made me feel understood.

For years I drowned the my anxieties and fears under a sea of drugs and alcohol, until I finally realised I wanted more from life and that I would have to do something to change.

Dropping out of school at 15 meant I had no qualifications, so I decided to take up a BTEC in Art & Design, a subject I had always found interest in, but integrating into "normal" life threw up many challenges for me.

Social phobias and a deep sense of shame around who I was, which I had buried for years began to emerge. Panic attacks and an overwhelming fear of humiliation crippled me much of the time, and eventually caused me to quit university just before my final year.


Battling against anxiety


Being a fighter, I went on to start my own business and somehow found my way into a teaching career. I began self-medicating with tranquillisers and drinking most evenings to cope with the frequent panic attacks and crippling social phobia which made each day a constant battle.

Eventually, like most people who struggle to hide their demons this way, I eventually broke down and realised I needed help. Thus began my journey of self-development and therapy.

I found an NLP practitioner who helped me with my panic attacks, and over several years tried other methods of treatment such as CBT and Hypnotherapy. I began using meditation and found these methods provided huge relief, and finally I was able to stop medicating and using alcohol as a crutch.

As my teaching career progressed and I realised I wanted to do more to help others suffering with similar issues, I decided to train as a Hypnotherapist, knowing the powerful benefits it had provided me at times of great struggle.

I found The Quest Institute, and immediately felt at home, and began the training that would completely transform my life, personally and professionally, forever.

Today, I'm proud to be a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist, and have helped many people to overcome all kinds of personal problems in all areas of their lives. As an East London Hypnotherapist, I offer my services to the local community and online, including a sliding scale for people on lower incomes.

I love what I do because I can see myself in my clients, who I always relate to in some aspect of their journey, and the reward of watching them grow as they find their freedom is an honour I will never grow weary of.

As a fellow human being, I still have my lessons to learn and demons to fight, and I still do the work on myself so that I am able to help others do the same. I've learnt that self-development is an ongoing journey, although it gets easier with practice. And that like a garden, it needs tending to in order to grow healthily.

I continue to learn, from my studies and my clients, and I embrace each challenge as an opportunity for growth. Most importantly, I have been panic and addiction free for several years now, and I know that if change can happen for me, then it can for you too.


Rewrite your own story with cognitive hypnotherapy, image of typewriter


Whatever your story is, it is possible to change the narrative of your life. When you realise that YOU are the author, you have the power to determine how the ending will be. If you're struggling in life, I hope that by reading this you find hope that things can change and that life goes beyond what is happening right here and now.

Reaching out for support was the best decision I ever made, and I urge you to do the same. If you'd like a private chat about how I could help you on your journey and to see if I'm the right therapist for you, get in touch via the button below where we can arrange a free discussion. Whether we decide to work together or not, I'll be happy to help you find the right solution for you.

Thanks for reading my story, I look forward to hearing from you!


My Qualifications

Cognitive Hypnotherapy:

Quest Institute: Master Practitioner Cog Hyp, DipCHyp (Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma) NLPprac (Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner)

Dr. Brian Roet: Integrated Parts Therapy

Other Therapeutic Training:

OLLIE Foundation: ASIST - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Mindfulness Training:

MiSP: Trained to Teach .b

Skillful Mind: Certified Meditation Leader

Teaching Qualifications: 



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