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IEMT in East London (Integral Eye Movement Therapy)

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IEMT in East London

As a qualified  and registered IEMT practitioner, I offer IEMT in East London from my practice and online. IEMT is a radical form of eye movement therapy, which allows us to change the deep structure of a problem quickly and with little information or talking about the problem.

Working across 2-3 sessions, it is a cost effective form of therapy that can help you to let go of life-long problems and beliefs in just 2-3 weeks.

Because IEMT focusses on facilitating change rather than dissecting the problem, you won't need to do lots of talking about the past or how you feel in order to let it go.

Because of it's flexibility and adaptability, I often incorporate IEMT into other areas of my work as well as offering this form of treatment as a stand alone therapy. It is particularly suitable as a stand alone for people who are seeking fast relief from negative emotions but do not wish to spend hours of therapy discussing or reliving the problem.

IEMT could be the way forward for you if:

  • You've tried other forms of therapy but feel like you're going round in circles.
  • You want to get help but don't want to do all the talking that is required in many other therapies.
  • You're tired of feeling the way you do and want to experience lasting results fast.

IEMT can help with all kinds of issues, making it ideal for complex problems that other therapies have not been able to shift. Most clients report noticeable relief from their problem in 2-3 sessions, although some people need a few more. If you'd like to discuss whether IEMT is the right kind of therapy for you, get in touch or follow the link below to book a free consultation.

You can find out more about IEMT here.

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