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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Disorders

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While some anxiety is normal and healthy, an anxiety disorder can force us to live in a constant state of fear which can hold us back from living life fully and in some cases cut us off from our environment and/or communities and loved ones completely. Anxiety disorders are becoming a worldwide problem which is gathering pace in our fast paced and high stressed society. A recent study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) showed that a staggering "40% of disability worldwide is due to depression and anxiety", with around 3 million people suffering from an anxiety disorder in the UK.

Anxiety can be triggered by many factors including stress, lifestyle, challenging life events or environmental changes, childhood trauma, bereavement, physical illness and more. The effects of anxiety can vary from person to person but can include physical symptoms such as sweating, tremors, rapid heartbeat, numbness in the hands or fingers or other areas of the body, dry mouth, feelings of disconnection or dissociation, nausea and butterflies in the stomach. These symptoms often come with negative thinking patterns and obsessive or over thinking and can range from low level to extreme, and can lead to states of panic (panic attacks/disorders), and can strike at any time.

How Cognitive Hypnotherapy Can Help

All behaviour has a positive intention and anxiety and panic are the body's way of trying to protect us from perceived danger. When an anxiety disorder develops it is because the subconscious has gone into a protective state which is in a heightened state of alert. The amygdala (the brain's danger detector), fires a warning into the limbic system which starts a process of releasing stress hormones into the body with the aim of helping us to deal with whatever life threatening challenge we need to face.

When this happens the body goes into survival mode and we experience what has been termed the fight, flight or freeze response. This is all very well when we are faced with a legitimate life threatening situation, but when the brain perceives this kind of danger in everyday situations, such as social gatherings with friends or travelling on the bus, this can be very unhelpful and sometimes completely debilitating, causing the opposite affect it is trying to produce.

As someone who has first hand experience of this restrictive disorder, I know all too well the impact this can have on daily life. Having struggled with anxiety since childhood and suffering from social phobia into my early 30's, I strongly believed that this was irreversible and was something that I would have to live with all my life. I am happy to say that this is not the case and that I am now completely free of those old symptoms and subconscious triggers, and it is completely possible for you to do the same. My journey to recovery came with years of therapy and mindfulness training, using NLP and CBT along with meditation. Cognitive Hypnotherapy combines these methods with hypnosis and other transformational techniques, to have a more rapid and long lasting effect.

Through Cognitive Hypnotherapy we can access these states of anxiety and panic and trace the triggers back to their origins. From there we techniques to transform the beliefs that lie at the root of them, and remove or these unhelpful triggers completely. This can be a rapid and transformative experience which can improve your quality of life drastically. If you are experiencing anxiety levels which are problematic for you in any way please get in contact to see how I can help you overcome this and start living a life free of fear and restriction.

Breaking free from the handcuffs of anxiety

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