Hypnotherapist in London – My Client’s Experiences

Hypnotherapy in East London

I’m Rowenna, a Cognitive Hypnotherapist in East London. Here you’ll find some testimonials from clients I’ve helped with Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London. It can sometimes help to read other’s experiences if you’re wondering how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you. You can see more reviews and verify these on my Google Reviews page.

hypnotherapy in london


I have started seeing Rowenna in December for anxiety due to ongoing issues and it was my first experience with Cognitive Hypnotherapy.
I have never enjoyed counseling sessions as it always felt Ike a monologue to me and I used to have even more questions than answers so I never followed through, However I was amazed to see the different approach in listening, communication and understanding of delicate issues in a way that it feels natural to do so and eager to learn more.

She has made me feel very comfortable and at easy to open up with various issues but mostly important in how to understand the cause and effect of everything in my life in a logical way and that made my anxiety become something that I now know that I can actually control instead than something that I thought I had to live with it.
I have so far had 4 sessions and every time I leave her office I feel so much lighter than when I arrived but I also have her support with morning and evening recordings made especially for me in order to help me to be better prepared for the day ahead and also to unwind after challenging days with soothing words resulting in calmer dreams during the night.

I’m still learning about this amazing healing process of self discovery and I have already recommended her services and will continue to do so because of her ongoing support and guidance, especially with personal tools I can use wherever I go in order to control my anxiety and that I didn’t even realize I had it on me before.


Rowenna is extremely professional in her approach and always gives really clear explanations about the methods she is about to use in each session. She is also very non judgemental about any issues that have come up during the sessions and therefore really easy to talk to. I approached Rowenna as I was suffering from anxiety in certain work situations and social situations, since attending the sessions the anxiety has decreased and I feel far more confident and able to enjoy my time at work and socially without worrying. I also had an issue with caffeine addiction and since attending the sessions my caffeine intake has decreased and I am on the way to giving it up completely. 


Rowenna helped me pinpoint the issues I wanted help with. We covered a lot of territory during the sessions and I found her great at picking up on the bits which were relevant to my problem that we could work with, even with my crazy disjointed rambling. She has a very calm non-judgemental manner which instantly puts you at ease. I now have personalised recordings to listen to and she has taught me some other tools to use in certain situations. We worked on my anxiety over public speaking, which was affecting my confidence with presentations at work. Although I haven’t actually done public speaking yet, I felt much more confident preparing the presentation. The anxiety I would have usually felt just emailing the research to my supervisor was absent and I feel calm when I think about standing talking in front of my peers. I would definitely recommend Rowenna for Cognitive Hypnotherapy.


I have been working with Rowenna to explore and address my anxiety issues which followed a cancer diagnosis in 2018 and subsequent treatment which has just ended ( Feb 2019). I was dealing well with the physical aspects of my treatment but psychologically and emotionally it was a different matter. The opportunity to work with Rowenna came at exactly the right point and several sessions in I’m delighted to say that I’m feeling calmer and more focussed on my recovery post treatment. The therapy approach was new to me and I have found myself more engaged in the process than others I have tried. Rowenna took time initially to explain the approach, the process and my role in it and this has worked very well for me as I have remained engaged throughout. I enjoy the sessions as I feel that I’m really contributing to them but more importantly that I’m getting a great deal back. The sessions are followed up with audio recordings which are a really helpful recap of the session that I use to repeat the learning. Rowenna has a great approach, she is very calm and reassuring and I never feel that I’m being rushed.