Hypnotherapy in East London



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Free Confidence Hypnosis Audio

Want to boost your confidence? Whether you're planning on taking a test, building your way up to asking a special person on a date or want to improve your confidence at work, this recording will help you develop the assertiveness and self belief you need to take the plunge. Listen for 21 days at night before bed/while going to sleep for best results.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use while driving or performing any activities which require your full attention.

Woman looks at herself in mirror after developing confidence with hypnotherapy

Free Guided Self-Hypnosis Audio

We all experience feelings and emotions that don't serve us, and sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do with them or how to let them go. This audio is designed to guide you through a self-hypnosis process called Spinning, which is a powerful technique for helping you find freedom from any unwanted feelings or emotions.

Just find a comfortable spot where you can close your eyes for a few minutes and allow me to guide you through the process. Subscribe via the button to receive your free copy and experience the powerful benefits of self-hypnosis.

Man listening to self hypnosis audio on headphones