Hypnotherapy in East London

How to Beat Addiction

How to Beat Addiction by Addressing the Root Cause Are You Wondering How to Beat Addiction? The beginning of January is a time when many of us are looking for ways to let go of old habits and destructive patterns. If you’re struggling and wondering how to beat addiction, this desire might lie even closer…
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Heartbroken after Christmas

Heartbroken After Christmas: the strain the festive season can have on relationships Heartbroken after Christmas? Here’s how Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you Many people can find themselves left feeling heartbroken after Christmas. The holiday season often puts a strain on relationships. All the gift-hunting and holiday-planning may stretch our budget, but also our nerves…
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Healing Sexual Trauma and Shame

Healing Sexual Trauma: How turning a blind eye to sexual abuse can lead to shame and self-abandonment I often work with people on healing sexual trauma. However, it was a surprise to me when I realised recently, how much of my own sexual trauma was still unprocessed. As it is for many people, New Year…
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How to Cope with Grief at Christmas

How to Cope with Grief at Christmas If you’ve struggled with grief this year, here’s how to cope with grief at Christmas Learning how to cope with grief is a lifelong journey. Christmas can be a truly difficult time for anyone who is grieving for loved ones, especially with all the reminders. It can be…
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How to Avoid Stress at Christmas

How to Avoid Stress at Christmas: how planning can help reduce stress at Christmas time How to avoid holiday stress [and what to do if all else fails] Are you always stressed out during the holiday season? Wondering how you can avoid stress at Christmas? Well, you’re not alone.  With all the hard work, shopping,…
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Complex Trauma and Vulnerability

Embracing vulnerability: how being vulnerable can develop strength and deepen connections One of the things I love about being a therapist is that I am constantly learning about myself and what I still need to work on. Many therapists, including myself, come into the profession following their own experiences of suffering, mental and/or physical challenges,…
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RisingMindfully Instagram

risingmindfully I use Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Coaching to help you transform life limiting issues and create a more fulfilled life with true meaning Worried about stress this Christmas? Is Covid crea Absolutely amazing to be back in the training room Such a wonderful surprise to receive these to my t Exciting times recording our…
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Anxiety in Education

Anxiety in the education system: Are schools becoming a breeding ground for mental health issues?   Teacher’s union report shows sharp increases in mental health issues and alcohol abuse among teachers, as more than 50% report anxiety issues over workload Teachers struggling with anxiety over workloads As the end of the Easter holidays approaches, teachers…
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Labels We Live

Photo by @Matthew_T_Rader on Unsplash After an inspiring workshop on addiction and trauma delivered by two experts in the field, Chula Goonewardene and Cheda Mikic, and hosted by Melanie Cox at the HQ Therapy Rooms in Hagerston, I was left pondering how in modern society we are so quick to define ourselves, our actions, thoughts…
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