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My Story

I came to study Cognitive Hypnotherapy from an education background in college and secondary teaching. After 10 years of working my way up as an outstanding teacher and manager, and with the prospect of going into teacher training, I realised that the ever increasing demands on teacher workload was limiting not only my ability to focus on helping young people develop emotionally and mentally (the key reason I went into the profession in the first place), but most other teachers' as well, and that more and more I was hearing of teacher burn out and stress (a fate I also came very close to experiencing myself towards the end), as they left the profession in droves.

I realised that I wanted to do more to help people overcome life limiting issues in a more effective and individual way, and having had my own experience of self development through NLP and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, and how powerful it had been in transforming my life, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I began my journey at the Quest Institute and also followed my passion for mindfulness meditation by training with the MiSP (Mindfulness in School's Project) and Skillful Mind. I now help people like you to create rapid and lasting change in their lives and free themselves of limiting beliefs and negative thinking and behaviour patterns that are holding them back in life.

Like you I have faced many challenges and obstacles in life which have taken all of my efforts to overcome and which could very easily have bowled me over. Having struggled with my own anxiety and stages of depression, and coming from a chaotic and dysfunctional childhood home, I know how all encompassing these periods of instability can seem. Having experienced the transformational effects of this groundbreaking form of therapy, I can say with absolute confidence that I am living proof that this stuff really does work, and I am so grateful to be able to help you discover your ability to overcome your limits too.

My Qualifications

Cognitive Hypnotherapy:

Quest Institute: Master Practitioner Cog Hyp, DipCHyp (Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma) NLPprac (Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner)

Dr. Brian Roet: Integrated Parts Therapy

Other Therapeutic Training:

OLLIE Foundation: ASIST - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Mindfulness Training:

MiSP: Trained to Teach .b

Skillful Mind: Certified Meditation Leader

Teaching Qualifications: 



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